Winter = Time to Think of Teeth

posted: by: Kate Battenfelder Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays has passed and we are settling into the grind of winter normalcy, we take a moment to consider that the month of February is Dental Health Month for children as well as pets.  Take a look at your household and ponder the cleanliness of the children and pet's teeth. Hopefully the children have cleaner teeth than the pets, but perhaps you are one of the dedicated few who diligently brush their pets' teeth each night.  Hats off to you!  However, if you are like me and it is a struggle to get the children to brush their teeth let alone the dogs and cats, take a moment to consider their mouth health. We see so many animals with varying degrees of dental disease.  Did you know it is one of the areas we "grade" during each office visit and most of the time we grade them higher than 0?  It is such an important area to keep healthy as mouths often act as the hands for our pets and no one wants to have infected, painful, bleeding red, smelly hands.  So now that we have brought awareness, actually try to lift up their lip (in cooperative pets only) and check out the color of the big teeth in there.  They should be white and shiny.  Heavy brown tartar, red angry gums, roots of the teeth out in the open?  Yikes.  Time to think about an investment in their mouth.  Dental cleaning in animals is in many ways very similar to humans.  We basically use all the same instruments, we have digital x-ray to see defects above and below the gumline and we can do many treatments to remedy issues.  However, in animals we use anesthesia to enable us to perform it all rapidaly, safely and without stress.  Most people hesitate at the use of anesthesia, however, it is incredibly safe and we have the best monitoring equipment as well as use of IV fluids, external heating mechanisms, and extremely well trained technicians to assure safety, comfort and precision.  The before and after photos we have are astounding and the change in breath (aaah), attitude, and health is tremendous!  As a bonus to you and as a reminder to us to emphasize this important area of health, we are taking 10% off of all dental procedures from now until the end of February.  So if you were putting it off until a later date, maybe a little extra savings will remind you to schedule that cleaning or advanced dental work in the next few weeks.  As a reminder, we take Care Credit, which is an awesome credit line that gives you 6 months to repay with 0% interest.  (Covers human and animal health procedures and now human plastic surgery and Botox, too!)  If you have any questions, call and talk to us anytime and we can discuss it. 

Cheers and really, go lift their lip.  You may be surprised at what you find.