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I wanted to take this day of reflection to give thanks to all the amazing people and organizations that make working at Fryeburg Veterinary Hospital worth every moment that I work/live there. Because realistically, I am at FVH more than I am with my children and I view my coworkers as fixtures in my life as well as companions in our joined mission of helping others.  
I give thanks first for them.  I am with them the most and they therefore shape my work world with a strong and compassionate foundation.  
I give thanks for the relationships that I get to form and that I get to foster.  I am thankful for being able to enter into people's lives and maybe make a difference to them.  I hope I have helped them to love their animal loved ones better, longer, and with more understanding by being their veterinarian. 
I give thanks for the animals themselves.  For being truth and reaction.  For being love and forgiveness. For teaching us how to laugh in the face of worry, to love in the face of grief, to find the strength inside of ourselves and to open our hearts despite knowing we will be broken at the end.  
I give thanks for the amazing people who facilitate animal rescue and rehoming.  Most dearly, I thank Harvest Hills and specifically, Meredith and Joan.  They work endlessly to allow stray animals, those unable to stay in homes, and those who were unplanned to have safety, reassurance, and love (as well as great medical care). They allow us to save even the most in need and support us when decisions are difficult.  They allow me to call and say we should allow the super nice pregnant cat to have her kittens (and yes, I will foster them or find someone who works at FVH to foster them) or allow us to watch the kitten with a broken back and pelvis regain function and capabilities and hopefully lead a normal and full life. I love them and they keep my heart happy by helping those we could not leave behind.  
So thanks be to you and your loved ones.  Give them a hug and breathe in the love.